Brentford FCTV


 Brentford FCTV is a labour of love. It is a spin-off of 'The Beelist' Youtube channel. The original idea was for me to upload the Bees videos I had and then pass the baton to the next supporter. This, for various reasons never happened. Many supporters had footage, but not the technical know how or equipment to carry the project on. Therefore, several supporters have instead, lent me their collections to add to the Beelist Channel.


I was concerned from the outset that copyright might be an issue and I have said from day one - should anyone have any objection to anything that appears on either this website or 'The Beelist', then please let me know and it will be removed immediately.


With regards to the footage included, I have no idea if there is a problem with re-production and I have even less idea as to who I should approach to find out.


Brentford FCTV is not a money making enterprise - indeed it has cost me many hundreds of pounds that I hadn't intended to spend. It is a hobby. A 'labour of love' as already stated. But I repeat, if any copyright is infringed, or if this site causes offence for any reason, please contact me and the matter will be resolved without delay. I should also add that this site is completely independent and in no way connected to Brentford Football Club.